Wondering About Financing Options Available???

Loan Program 1:

3% Down Jumbo Loan up to $1M Loan Amount

This option is excellent for those looking to purchase at higher amounts but do not want to put 10-20% down.

Benefits include:

Less total cash due at closing

Flexible qualification and reserve requirements

Loan Program 2:

100% Financing Medical Professional

This option is great for those who are medical licensed professionals.

Benefits include:

Reduced student loan allocation/payment

No down payment is required (100% financing)

Loan amounts up to 1.5 million

No reserve amounts required

Loan Program 3:

10% down investment loan with no mortgage insurance

This option is great for those looking to purchase an investment property and use income on the new property as income for qualification.

Benefits include:

10% down (1-4 units)

No Mortgage Insurance

Use income on the subject property

No prepayment penalties